The Urban Workshop, Custom Furniture and Homeware
Hardwood furniture and homeware handmade in the heart of London


Sustainability and high quality materials are two extremely important elements of my furniture design and manufacture. Also here, you’ll learn more about what drives my design aesthetic and what makes this the perfect choice for your next furniture order.



My furniture and homeware designs are clean, modern, elegant and practical. Every detail must serve a use, nothing frivolous or fussy. The result is timeless furniture with a purpose, which enhances the enjoyment of your home.

I apply the same attitude when crafting in the workshop. Tools and joinery are chosen for their suitability, rather than for style alone. Exposing this joinery can look beautiful, making a feature out of the functionality of the making process (see my Detailing gallery for examples)

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works”
— Steve Jobs


Sustainability is a priority for me - it begins with my choice of materials, it is woven through my design principles, it is applied to how I run my workshop and it is evident in the packaging I use for your orders. 

When managed correctly, wood is an extremely sustainable resource. Forests and woodlands consume CO2 during their lifecycle, are renewable and do not involve depletion of the earth’s natural resources. 

My furniture is designed to last not one lifetime, but several. Most of the joinery techniques I use can been seen on furniture hundreds of years old. This timeless approach is a counterpoint to the disposable culture the world has followed in recent years.

My workshop is powered entirely by renewable energy, and smaller furniture items are delivered locally by electric vehicle. To reduce waste I try to make use of all timber where possible - a constant battle for space in my workshop to avoid throwing anything away - and anything too small to reuse will be burned efficiently to heat my home.  I try to use recycled or reused packaging where possible for all my postal deliveries. 



I only use high quality materials when crafting my designs. I prefer the use of hardwoods (although some softwoods are high quality and produce a beautiful finish too), which I will only source from FSC-certified merchants.

The finishes I use are all based on natural products, and food-safe for all my kitchen items.

I will often introduce luxury materials to my work to create accents of colour or texture. In recent works these have been created with suede, leather, brass and woollen felt.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”
— Benjamin Franklin