The Urban Workshop, Custom Furniture and Homeware
Hardwood furniture and homeware handmade in the heart of London

About Me

Find out more about my passion for making with wood, my life so far, my small workshop in central London, and why I would be the perfect choice to make an elegant piece of custom furniture for your home.


Hi, I’m Will, the founder and chief (well, only) maker at The Urban Workshop. I am passionate about working with wood and make everything from large freestanding furniture to small wooden homewares.


As a kid I used to love creating - you name it - Lego, Meccano, clay modelling, making boats out of wood. Before going to university I worked in a metalwork shop and learned how to mill and weld. After years of working in an office, I found that creative element missing in my life. I started woodworking to make a high rise bed for my daughter after seeing the price and dubious quality of what was available in market. It took me the whole summer but the look on her face when she walked into her new room made it worthwhile. After that, I was hooked. So here we are.

An engineer by training; specialising in manufacturing, I spent the first portion of my career in the energy industry, working in supply, logistics and strategy. This has not only honed my business acumen, but also shaped my views on a range of topics from customer service, the value of partnerships through to the importance of sustainability.

“Take something you are happy doing for free, then do it so well that people will pay you for it”
— Anon

I will work with private individuals and professionals such as interior designers, property developers and restaurant fitters to make whatever is desired, from one-off statement pieces to small batch runs. I can work with a predetermined design or we can create something together that is truly unique. I’d love the opportunity to talk about your requirement so feel free to get in touch via the link below.

I also sell small batch items that I have designed andmade, as well as offering made-to-order versions of my most successful designs at an attractive price point.